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Latest release v0.9.6 - Get it here.

Latest Features

Granular ACL for user roles.

Support PHP 7 and above

Opencats has a current supported PHP version of PHP 7.2

Improve OpenCATS for all users and solicit enhancement requests

We actively encourage feature requests and for developers to contribute their customisations.

Getting involved

The development is happening in the GitHub repository. We're discussing user support and ideas in the OpenCATS User forum, and development is discussed in the OpenCATS Slack space, so join us there if you'd like to get involved in the development process.


Is it ready to download and run now with all the features?
Yes! Some features will require customisation after installation - for example full-text resume search and ACL role setup can be amended after the fact, but the initial installation delivers the base functionality.
When will the new version be available?
Continuous development occurs on the project, and we will snapshot releases when it improves stability or adds new features.
What operating systems will be supported?
All current Linux distributions will continue to be supported, as are current WAMP/XAMP installations.

Stay informed

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