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New release v0.9.3-3 - Get it here.

Planned features

Improve base functionality

The project facilitates sharing of community developed modules and shares back base functionality improvements for the benefity of all.

Maintain compatibility with current PHP levels

We test OpenCATS against PHP 5.6, and are workign towards full PHP 7 compatibility.

Improve opencats for all users and solicit enhancement requests

This Project lives or dies with it's community involvement. Maintain and progress the functionality roadmap.

Getting involved

The development is happening in the GitHub repository. We're discussing user support and ideas in the OpenCATS User forum, and development is discussed in the OpenCATS Google Group, so join us there if you'd like to get involved in the development process.


Is it ready to download and run now with all the features?
Although some features are a work in progress, the current Github version is stable and usable, however some elements may change before formal release
When will the new version be available?
Continuous development occurs on the project, and we will snapshot releases when it improves stability or adds new features.
What operating systems will be supported?
All current Linux distributions will continue to be supported, as are current WAMP/XAMP installations.
Can I donate to OpenCat's development?
Yes you can, take a look at the Donate section to learn more.

Stay informed

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Community polls

Have a say in the development of OpenCATS by voting in the Community Polls.

All the donations received will go towards the development of OpenCATS. Any amount donated is very much appreciated by the community.

From time to time, the team will create a bounty for a certain feature or bug with the money donated. If you successfully implement the feature or fix the bug, you'll be rewarded for your efforts.


Donate to the OpenCATS Team using Bountysource. Bountysource supports Paypal & Google Wallet.